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Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene International Module W201Foundation Level

The course aims to provide a practical understanding of occupational hygiene for people who need to manage or advise on workplace health issues. To provide a foundation from which to undertake more in-depth study in individual occupational hygiene subjects. To inform and enthuse students about the contribution of occupational hygiene to worker health

You will learn to value occupational hygiene in improving worker health and understand the role of the occupational hygienist, Understand health hazards encountered in the workplace and identification techniques (foundation level). Identify sources and potential routes of occupational exposure (foundation level). Understand the basics of which exposure assessment, measurement processes, and control methods we use (foundation level). Manage occupational hygiene programmes in your work environment

This course is suitable for Health and safety professionals, Occupational health specialists (including physicians and nurses). Other specialists wishing to interface on workplace health issues (e.g. acoustics, ergonomics, human factors, occupational psychology, work, organisation, bio safety, acoustics, engineering, or analytical chemistry)

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